Summer Sights in the USA

Evening light near Cape Flattery, the Northwest most point of the contiguous US.

Kia Ora! It has been a long time between entries and we are diving back into the fray with more frequent website updates, including more new carvings. As we head into the last few weeks of our USA sales trip, it is a great time to reflect on all our travels. Our time here has been a trip of complete contrasts. We have had some horribly slow shows mixed amongst those patches of sales highlights. Our journey has been great and we have been able to immerse Niwha in some unique experiences that hopefully will impact her positively as she grows into a fully-fledged little girl.

Ann and Niwha searching for agates at Patrick’s Point beach in Northern California.

From sweltering heat to driving rain and wind, the shows have all followed the same manic timeline of production, travel, set up and the hopeful waiting. It was a cycle that we repeated 11 times over the course of this trip. The shows have been in some great locations, which allowed us all a chance to see pockets of the country we would not normally visit. We bounced between Seattle, San Diego, Portland, San Francisco and points east as well. We drank A LOT of roadside coffee and listened to streaming music, but we also managed to see some great sights like the Yellowstone River in Montana and Patrick’s Point on the Pacific coast of California.

The Montana ranch that recharged our batteries.

Of course, we were also very stoked to have made some great sales and to have met some amazing people. Amongst the people we managed to connect with were some of Ann’s family from Indiana. Luckily our travel schedule allowed us to be in the same part of the country for a few days. This year we met up with them outside of Livingston, Montana. The time was spent catching up and enjoying the wide open spaces and ‘big skies’ that the area is known for.

Aunty Mary and Uncle Bob: another set of grands for Niwha.

Beers were drunk, food was cooked and laughter echoed as Ann, Niwha and I re-connected with everyone. Niwha basically thought of them as her new family and 3rd set of grandparents.


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