Water Guardian – Wooly Mammoth Ivory

This wave design represents the influence of the rivers, lakes and oceans that surround us. Water is seen as a carrier of spirits; and the ocean is regarded as a place with with great mana or spirit and strength. In this sense, water also has a healing energy and calming touch. This is a modern design that reflects the place that water has in a balanced life. I carved this design from Wooly Mammoth ivory, this exceedingly rare material has beautiful color and patterning. This piece has green streaks running down the edge of the carving. The carving comes with a cord that is adjustable and description card that explains the meaning of the design and the background of the material.

Material:  Wooly mammoth ivory
Type:  One-of-a-kind
Size:  2.3 inches tal

Price: $ 615.00

This product has sold out.

*All carvings come with an adjustable black cloth cord, finished with bone bead sliders. In addition, each carving comes with a description card explaining its meaning.

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