Whanau, in “Fossil” Walrus Ivory

The Koru (unfurling fern) is a symbol for spiritual growth, life and peace. It also reflects the search for knowledge and new beginnings. A Koru design is traditionally given to show connection or kinship. This contemporary design incorporates koru forms to reflect the intertwining of family and the complexity of those relationships.

This design was carved using a cross section of the walrus tusk, and it features the raw edges of the natural material.


Material:  "Fossil" walrus ivory
Type:  One-of-a-kind
Size:  3.0 inches tall

Price: $ 425.00

This product has sold out.

*All carvings come with an adjustable black cloth cord, finished with bone bead sliders. In addition, each carving comes with a description card explaining its meaning.

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