Double Koru: Deer Coronet

The Koru or unfurling fern is a symbol for spiritual growth, life and peace. It also reflects the search for knowledge and new beginnings.  This contemporary design is a double Koru form reflecting spiritual connection and relationship. This design developed when I looked for ways to change the flow of the double koru elements while also using the natural texture of the material. I have been trying to capture the uniqueness of the Red Deer Coronet and it has been an exciting challenge. The thickness of this design gives the carving a certain amount of heft and presence. The coronets are harvested from naturally shed antlers in Te Wai Pounamu (The South Island).




Material:  Red Deer Coronet
Type:  One-of-a-kind
Size:  3.00 inches tall

Price: $ 285.00

This product has sold out.

*All carvings come with an adjustable black cloth cord, finished with bone bead sliders. In addition, each carving comes with a description card explaining its meaning.

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