Support on the Path of Life

Represented by a curling leaf or the bud of a fern, the koru is a symbol for growth, peace, and the path of life. This design incorporates a stylized hand form running down from the top of the design. This element reflects strength and support on the journey that we all travel though life. There are times when the path we all travel is difficult, and finding strength can come from within and through those people around us. This contemporary design is about finding that strength to carry on through those moments of ebb and flow.





Material:  Cow bone
Type:  One-of-a-kind
Size:  2.5 inches long

Price: $ 135.00

This product has sold out.

*All carvings come with an adjustable black cloth cord, finished with bone bead sliders. In addition, each carving comes with a description card explaining its meaning.

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