Wooly Mammoth & Silver Leaf Jasper

We make these earrings using natural materials in order to complement my carvings. These particular earrings feature sterling silver earwires; creamy/white-colored wooly mammoth ivory; and variegated, agatized Silver Leaf jasper. The mammoth ivory is 10,000 – 50,000 years old and is truly a natural artifact. The creamy white color of these earrings is a natural companion to carvings made out of cow bone, some "fossil" walrus ivory, and wooly mammoth ivory.

We can make these earrings with either sterling silver or gold-filled findings. And, you have your choice of wooly mammoth color: creamy white or caramel beige. Click through the photos to see examples of colors. Please note, too, that although we try to match the color tones of the jasper, we are unable to duplicate the exact stones in this photo.


Materials:  Wooly mammoth ivory, Silver Leaf Jasper
Type:   Made-to-order
Size:  1.825 inches long

Price: $ 42.00

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