Wooly Mammoth & Garnets

We make these earrings using natural materials in order to complement my carvings. These particular earrings feature gold-filled earwires; creamy/white colored wooly mammoth ivory; and deep maroon garnets. The mammoth ivory is 10,000 – 50,000 years old and is truly a natural artifact. The creamy white color of these earrings is a natural companion to carvings made out of cow bone, some "fossil" walrus ivory, and wooly mammoth ivory.

We can make these earrings with either sterling silver or gold-filled findings. And, you have a choice of wooly mammoth color: creamy white, caramel beige, or rich dark brown. Click through the photos to see examples of colors.


Materials:  Wooly mammoth ivory and Garnets
Type:   Made-to-order
Size:  2.125 inches long

Price: $ 58.00

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