Whale’s Tail

Whales are revered by the Maori as guardians. They are seen as a symbol of protection and good luck for anyone who has an affinity with, or ventures over, the ocean. This design also incorporates two korus (ferns) in the negative space of the carving. The korus add the element of spiritual growth, as well as relationship and connection.

This carving is made from especially rare "fossil" walrus ivory in that there are blue-grey tones, as well as brown and cream colors. The inner dentin of the ivory can be seen in the mottled colors on the reverse side of the carving; and it can be worn with either side facing out. I estimate this material to be close to 4,000 years old.



Material:  "Fossil" walrus ivory
Type:  One-of-a-kind
Size: 2.625 inches long 

Price: $ 785.00

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*All carvings come with an adjustable black cloth cord, finished with bone bead sliders. In addition, each carving comes with a description card explaining its meaning.

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