Farm Friends and New Material

Piglets: "Spot" and "The Other One"

Piglets: "Spot" and "The Other One"

Kia Ora All! We are swinging through a beautiful February here in New Zealand as the weather varies wildly from sun to rain, and back again, on a pretty regular basis! Two months into the move and life is still rolling along a vaguely defined path towards an unknown future. It’s not the most reassuring spot to be in, but Ann and I haven’t had too many meltdowns, so something is working. Having some new additions to the farm ménage has helped! The piglets have the run of the farm, sneaking under gates and around fences. I often find them in my workspace rooting around and playing tag!

Ann receiving her prize money.

Ann (right) receiving her prize money.

We recently came back from a week of surfing and competing at Sandy Bay in the far north. It was an amazing time as we managed to snag a camping spot right on the beach with ocean views out the front window of our tent! We were there to compete in an event that is part of the Hyundai Longboard Tour. Although the surf wasn’t great, we had an amazing time hanging out with friends and watching some great surfing! The huge news is that Ann managed to surf all the way to the final in her first ever surf contest! She overcame nerves, onshore conditions, competitors half her age, and sleeping on the ground to charge into the final. She did all this while protesting that she doesn’t like competition!! It was very, very cool to watch her walk up on the podium to receive her prize money!!!!

The other big news was the arrival of our shipping container and all the options that it now offers! Opening the doors for the first time was a little nerve-wracking, as visions of gear flying everywhere had haunted us over the last two months. We were relieved to see that obsessing over how we packed seems to have paid off because everything arrived safe and sound! We now have a bit more familiarity around the house with some of our “stuff” being unpacked and slotted into our routine here. The key items are our bed and coffee maker… I also set up all my tools, which has allowed me to work in a space that is more familiar and is working out great! I have been carving some new pieces that are now on the Matau section of the site.

Naturally cured cow bone. Relationship & Support.

I have also started using some cow bone that has been “curing” for about 3 months. This bone is from the cows that my parents raise for the family. It is basically untreated in any way, which allows for some pretty amazing color to develop within the bone. The patterning is highly unusual and varies along the length of the material, which makes each carving especially unique. Sometimes this cow bone can even resemble whale bone. It is a great material to work with and I am very excited to be able to offer this material along side our more “normal” white bone.

Thanks for swinging by and checking out the site! We will be regularly adding more designs, so check in often to see what is happening!

Ka Kite,


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