Artspace and Birdsong

Home away from home

Our new display at the Cargo Shed.

Summer has finally poked her head out of the cloudbank that has swaddled New Zealand for the last few months! It has been a wet and windy transition into the warmth of the coming months. Ann and I are ready to let the heat seep into our psyches. Transitions are also happening on a work level as we have recently opened a small artspace in a local art “barn” called The Cargo Shed. The “shed” is home to 10 stall owners who sell a mixture of different products. These range from great organic loose-leaf tea to beautiful pastel drawings. We are here Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm so come on by if you’re in the area. Check out the Cargo Shed on-line.

Bike in Window

My work transport and the view from my artspace.

This permanent selling space has been a great start in establishing a presence in the New Zealand carving world, with clients being able to check out our work on a daily basis. The location is right on the waterfront in downtown Tauranga, so we get to see the harbor as it shifts during the course of the day. I have even named our local stingray – Henry. I don’t know if that makes it easier or harder to be in the booth, but being able to see the water is always a good thing. We are starting to see more and more foot traffic coming through the shed with the cruise ship season about to get underway. And, it’s close enough to home, that I can ride my bike to work – a lifesaver, since the surf has been completely flat for what feels like months.




Momma Bird

Momma bird outside our window.

One of the great things about the spring/summer transition is the bird song that wakes us every morning. We have tuis, sparrows, starlings, thrushes and lots more all announcing the arrival of the day. This cacophony of sounds is amazing as they all strive to welcome the sun each day. We have a couple of  bird’s nests right outside the kitchen window, so we get to watch young chicks each day as they get bigger and bigger! It has been great to watch the hustle and bustle as the two parents trade off with the parenting duties.

Chaos and Renewal Carving

Chaos and Renewal

On the creative front, it has been an interesting time with life pushing in and changing the flow of certain designs. This recent design came about from a time when the million-and-one details of moving back to a new country came to a head over a very tough week. As I sat and reflected on the chaos that was surrounding us, this design started to make its self heard. It lead to the creation of a small string of carvings that reflect the chaos that is a part of life and that the way forward is never a smooth path. There is also a sense of healing that comes on the backside of these times. This carving has found its way to the right home.

Best wishes for the Holiday Season!
Whare and Ann

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