And Baby Makes Three! (A photo gallery of our pregnancy.)

Late New Zealand Summer, Late in Our Pregnancy

First time seeing our little bubbie with recognizable anatomy!

Feeling the love and joy















Baby goes for first kayak session. Sunset trip to see the glowworms.

Earth Plane: Whare’s creativity has been off the charts!

Little Feet


Starting to show


Double rainbow, and exploding with happiness!


Seahawks win the Superbowl with the 12 (and a half) woman!


Gender neutral, hand-made cuteness! We’re waiting for the big day to find out whether it’s a boy or girl.


Daddy made baby a dream catcher. Antique walrus bone; in-process state.


There are no words for this photo… :-)


About 7 months. More civilized.


Beach ball – about 7 or 8 months


9 months; down the beach.





More fertile creativity from Dad. “Drawing Strength”: cow bone and Pohutukawa driftwood.


Baby’s growing. We’re told baby is developing along the 90th percentile trajectory! Whoa!


Summer storm beach walk. Hoping for a little surfer!



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